Frequent Questions

Are all your chemicals assessed under the COSHH regulations?
All materials that we use on your site will have been fully assessed under the COSHH regulations. All products used are fully compliant with all EU/UK legislation.

Are your cleaners given any training before they are left alone on our premises?
All cleaners receive full training within the first few days of their employment. This training is carried out by experienced Contract Managers and includes a comprehensive programme of Health & Safety Policy and Procedures, Site Safety information, Manual Handling, The use of Machinery, Equipment, Cleaning Products/Chemicals and Site Security.

As our business develops and grows how will you manage our changing requirements?
Regular reviews with the appointed Contract or Regional Manager will ensure that any planned changes can easily be accommodated in line with your individual requirements.

How are standards monitored and assessed?
We adopt a very disciplined and varied approach to contract management and the assessment and continual monitoring of standards. From monthly inspections with your appointed contract manager to the use of a “Traffic Light” system which is a programme adopted by Ryeford Cleaning Services to provide a clear monthly view of standards being achieved.

How are the TUPE regulations managed?
The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Act 2006 governs how companies manage and protect the statutory rights of employees when contracts are tendered or service provision reviewed. We have comprehensive policies and procedures that ensure we act appropriately and within the guidelines of the current legislation.

How do we escalate any problems or concerns we may have in respect of service delivery?
In the unlikely event that you need to escalate a problem you will have direct access to a Regional Operations Manager or even a Director of the company who will be happy to discuss and resolve any potential issue that is causing concern.

What is your recruitment policy?
Where possible we recruit locally, with each applicant being interviewed and assessed on their ability to undertake and accept the tasks and responsibilities as identified. Staff undergo a 3 month trial during which time their performance and suitability for the job is assessed.

Who will be responsible for the day to day management of the contract?
We will appoint an experienced Contract Manager who will have responsibility for the day to day management of the cleaning services to your premises. Contract Managers will be introduced to each Client and undergo a site familiarisation programme prior to contract commencement.

Will you provide holiday cover when our cleaner takes annual leave?
Holiday cover will be undertaken either by another cleaner employed by Ryeford Cleaning Services or one of our mobile operatives. Appointed Supervisors or Contract Managers will manage all elements of holiday or sickness cover.