Contract Cleaning

The standard of cleaning in commercial premises can speak volumes about the occupier and their service values. Clean, well maintained buildings signal to both employees and customers that the occupier is efficient and innovative. The quality of the working environment is the first impression that is given to customers, suppliers and employees. It is the physical representation of brand values. Corporate performance is increasingly dependent upon the attitudes of employees. How people think about themselves and their working environment has a direct impact on their attitudes towards customers and their willingness to properly service their needs. Ensuring your workspace is clean, tidy and smart reinforces employee well being. Although difficult to prove, a smart workspace increases employee productivity.

Our existing client base incorporates an eclectic mix of customers. Whether you require 1 cleaner for 1 hour a week or 50 cleaners for 1,000 hours per week, at Ryeford we have the necessary expertise to cope with the challenges and demands of a modern business. We offer a complete range of specifications to suit individual client needs ranging from the more traditional Input and Output specification to the more innovative solutions.

All our customers deserve the best possible service and our comprehensive monitoring ensure that standards are maintained at the level the customer expects. In our experience it is so important that quality service starts the moment a prospective new customer approaches Ryeford. From the first time you make contact with us, it is our intention to ensure we provide you with the most professional service that fully meets your expectations of a service provider.

From site survey to the commencement of the contract and beyond we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of cleaning as supported by previously agreed Service Level Agreements. We are however realistic and understand that sometimes things don’t always go according to plan where we fail to meet your expectations. It is much more about how a company accepts its responsibilities and puts things right that will make you appreciate the reasons why you selected Ryeford as your preferred service provider.