Response to COVID-19

Now that the Government has published its response plans and there has been a further increase in coronavirus cases, both in the UK and elsewhere in the world, we have stepped up our response to planning for a range of coronavirus scenarios. Safeguarding our customers, employees and supply chain has always been our first priority. Our plans are already well-advanced and we will continue to develop them further over the coming days as we seek to make sure we can meet everybody needs in the every event.
To reiterate, with the current accelerating spread of the virus particularly across western Europe we have assessed what measures we need to implement to ensure:

  • The safety of our staff
  • The continuity of our service
  • The performance and continuity of our critical, essential and non-essential supply chain

The current situation in the UK is changing day by day but we are preparing for a more accelerated and wider spread similar to what is happening over in Italy. If this occurs then certain restrictions may be placed upon the population around travel and transport, opening of certain types of properties and mass gatherings / sporting events. At Ryeford cleaning services limited we will continue to follow and abide by the guidance and dictates of the relevant authorities at all times to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and members of the public.

Ryeford staff safety
The latest guidance note issued to all our staff is listed below.

With the continuous rise in the confirmed cases of Covid-19 being reported across the UK the situation will worsen before improving and is yet to reach its peak. The Company are monitoring and following the advice of the World Health Organisation and are cascading information as necessary.

Detailed below are Ryefords guidelines for employees which are based upon the Public Health England and Government advice. Given the speed of development these are being updated regularly and communicated through the staffs line mangers and internal memos

  • Basic Advice - Follow standard hygiene advice of washing hands with soap and water, using sanitizer where available. As with any cough or cold try to catch the virus in a tissue, bin it and kill it. 
  • Travel - Travel for work purposes – continue to travel as required to undertake your role. However, travel can be limited through the use of ‘Teams’ for group meetings and conference calls. A separate set of training sessions on Teams is being organised this week. When returning from affected areas you should self-isolate only if you have any symptoms. Symptoms: Cough – Fever – Difficulty Breathing
  • If you think you may be infected – Self isolate and go online to NHS111 for further advice. It is unlikely that you will be tested for COVID-19. You should speak with your line manager at first instance and they will advise you of the processes and your rights to statutory sick pay.
  • If you are absent from work, please report to your line manager in the usual way. Your line manager will then inform Human Resources who will be keeping a log and monitoring the situation.
  • What if my site closes? - Site health decisions around the virus decisions will be made between the customer. Public Health England and our own management team. In the event that a site is closed then management will communicate with you on a site-specific basis. If this is the case, then all staff should stay at home until the site re-opens. You will be expected to work from home if your role allows. Prior to the opening of any site a full deep clean is likely to take place take place.
  • High Risk Sites and Additional Training – All employees are expected to undertake their normal duties, however there may be changes to the procedures usually followed, i.e. additional PPE equipment. Ryefords will follow the guidelines issued for each particular site and staff will be given any additional training and PPE at that time
  • Communications - We will continue to monitor the government advice and update you as and when this changes.

Please stay safe and remember to follow the basic advice.

Ryefords Helpdesk Service
Ryeford's main helpdesk is located Cheltenham with our back up parallel site based in Bristol. Both helpdesks are seamlessly connected so we can switch calls between them at any time for periods of peak high demand or issues such as business continuity planning (sickness, building incident etc).

Currently both our helpdesks are operating normally and with no interruption of service.

Our contingency plan is to be able to pass calls out to Bristol if we have an infection or a Covid-19 outbreak in Cheltenham and vice versa should there be an outbreak in Bristol.

In addition, our technology platform allows all of our helpdesk staff to work remotely. In the event of a Covid-19 occurrence in the offices of Ryefords we will proactively identify staff to work from home and isolate whilst still being able to work their normal shift patterns and carry out their helpdesk duties utilising our technology platform and telephony system. We also have non-essential office staff that will be able to support the helpdesk function in case of increased cases of Covid–19 or self isolation.

Supply Chain

As the impact of this pandemic heightens, Ryefords will be in constant communication with our supply chain network to ensure that together we are prepared for acceleration of the virus spread. Currently it is business as usual and all service delivery obligations continue to be met, however in the case of further spread then we will require all supply chain partners to follow closely the recommendations and dictates of the WHO and Government advise.
Where certain supply chain partners are affected by Covid-19 to the point it impacts their service delivery capability we would request that you do the following:

  • Keep your line managers updated – This will help to decrease the amount of telephone calls/chases required by the helpdesk from client’s requests for status updates. 
  • Report any access issues - Any access issue to be reported to the helpdesk, with the increase in spread of the virus business will be making internal decisions to close sites, therefore please keep us updated with any closures affecting your service delivery to the client’s estates.
  • Report any capacity issues – In order for us to maintain the expected level of service to our clients, please inform us of any reduction in capacity within your work force.

How to report current numbers of staff impacted with either suspected COVID-19 or confirmed
Ryeford Cleaning Services limited have set up an easy response form to be completed by all Suppliers if they have any suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases. Every time there is a change, please use this form to provide an update to ensure that information is received quickly and effectively
If you are a supply chain partner providing customer facing services such as Front of House support, cleaning and Manned Guarding then please ensure you have the following measures in place.

  • Business contingency plan highlighting infection control measures
  • Business communications issued to site staff
  • Precautions implemented to safeguard staff

Our current operational status is ‘business as usual’, but we are prepared for further escalation of the situation in the UK should this occur. We will continue to communicate with our staff, customers and supply chain and update this overview document regularly in line with the current satiation.
Cleaning, Deep cleaning and Electrostatic and hydrogen peroxide deep clean
COVID-19 is mainly passed on by person to person. People infected with COVID-19 spread the virus with coughs or sneezes, the droplets produced when coughing or sneezing can infect people who are in close contact and also deposit the virus onto surfaces.
Fortunately, normal cleaning methods do remove the virus from surfaces and our cleaners play an important role in keeping your staff safe.
They are the frontline in the battle against COVID-19.
The government advice is, if possible, to close the area for 72 hours. This will reduce the amount of viruses living on surfaces and then cleaning with a normal household disinfectant with personal protective equipment can commence.
Due to the complicated nature of COVID-19 deep cleans to NHS standards and the specialist equipment and PPE required, Ryeford cleaning services limited has decided not to do any post infection deep cleans.
However in the event of a live or suspected case of coronavirus at your premises, we have sourced an infection control specialist that has expertise in dealing with air born viruses.

Sanondaf’s disinfection uses electrostatic technology, ensuring all areas are treated -even hard to reach places, this process forms negative and positive charges to the chemicals used. These are drawn to gaps and surfaces, and then hold the chemicals in place.
The chemicals used are formulated to remove biofilm from any surface, using a safe hydrogen peroxide and silver blend which dissolve a viruses or bacteria’s protective membrane and then destroys the virus or bacteria.
Should you require addition information, advice or the services of Sanondaf then we can assist or you may wish to contact Sanondaf direct.

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